Exploring macOS Internals

by Aditya Vaidyam

Feb 22, 2018

The Secret Life of Core Animation

The Secret Life of Core Animation Most developers know of Core Animation through its few key classes, such as CALayer and CAAnimation, and their subclasses. Very few need to venture...

Feb 19, 2018

CAStateController & Friends

CALayer has internal/private support for two pretty cool things: archives and states. We’ll talk about states first, as they’re the more complex part of the exercise. A CALayer can have...

Feb 18, 2018


CAPortalLayer In the macOS 10.13.4 beta, I spotted a new CALayer class called CAPortalLayer being used in AppKit, and apparently also in UIKit. After looking into it a bit more,...

Feb 17, 2018

CAPluginLayer & CABackdropLayer

Introduction There’s a lot of cool CoreAnimation goodies hiding around in the private headers, but there are three private CALayer classes that really caught my eye: CAProxyLayer, CALayerHost, CABackdropLayer, and...

Oct 1, 2017

ViewBridge.framework: It works!

ViewBridge.framework: It works! Around two years ago I began looking into ViewBridge.framework and a bunch of related frameworks as a side-project, mostly for fun. Realizing I had figured out most...

Aug 5, 2016

Picture-in-Picture on macOS Sierra

Picture-in-Picture on macOS Sierra Similar to iOS, macOS recently gained Picture-In-Picture mode for videos; so far, only Safari seems to support it out of the box. The question remains: why...

Jul 12, 2016

NSExtension & PlugInKit

Introduction Recently I’ve been doing a lot of reverse engineering in the PrivateFrameworks department, simply out of curiosity. One thing that really always bothered me was how to insert a...

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